Welcome to IROKO Theatre Company, a charity formed primarily to nurture, uphold and share African culture, especially amongst people from different cultural backgrounds.  In doing so, we hope to foster better understanding and appreciation of Africa, her art, culture and heritage.


The roots of the Iroko tree go deep into the soil of Africa. The tree stands tall and strong against the African sky. Our architecture, arts and crafts are permeated by the spirit of the Iroko tree. Through the tree, our culture is rooted in the soil of our land and from these roots it derives its strength.  According to a Nigerian saying, ‘Iroko tree never dies’.  We believe that the culture that we are set up to ‘nurture, uphold and share’ will never never die, just like the Iroko tree!


To use African arts, culture and heritage as a vehicle to enhance learning, skills, health and overall wellbeing of people of all backgrounds, age groups and abilities.


To help educate, empower, motivate and at the same time, provide opportunities that are stimulating and fun for the benefit of the personal development of the individual and community as a whole.


To become the flagship Community Theatre Company, a One-Stop Knowledge Bank of African heritage, arts and culture.

What We Do

Supporting people of all backgrounds and abilities to achieve their full potential and improve their quality of life.